Lila’s journey her faith in herself

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Lila’s journey her faith in herself

Once upon a time, in a small town nestled between rolling hills and babbling brooks, there lived a girl named Lila. From the moment she could remember, doubt was her constant companion. It trailed behind her like a shadow, whispering falsehoods in her ear and clouding her every step.

As Lila grew older, doubt seemed to grow stronger, wrapping its tendrils around her heart and squeezing tighter with each passing day. She doubted herself in almost everything she did – from speaking up in class to pursuing her passions, doubt always seemed to creep in.

She doubted her abilities, wondering if she was smart enough or talented enough to succeed. She doubted her choices, second-guessing herself at every turn. And most of all, she doubted her worth, questioning whether she deserved to be happy or fulfilled.

It was as if there was a little voice in her head, constantly whispering negative thoughts and tearing down her confidence. No matter how hard she tried to ignore it, doubt always seemed to find a way to worm its way back in.

But amidst the darkness of doubt, there came a flicker of hope. Through the passage of time, Lila encountered people whose presence shone like beacons of light in her darkness. They were the ones who saw beyond her insecurities, who believed in her when she couldn’t believe in herself.

One such person was her mentor, Dr. Thompson. He was a kind and patient man, whose unwavering faith in Lila’s abilities sparked a transformation within her. With his guidance and encouragement, she began to see herself in a new light, gradually shedding the layers of doubt that had bound her for so long.

But it wasn’t just Dr. Thompson who made a difference; it was also the environment he created. Surrounded by positivity and support, Lila found herself growing stronger with each passing day. She discovered a sense of belonging in a community that embraced her flaws and celebrated her strengths.

As the years went by, Lila’s confidence blossomed, like a flower breaking through the cracks in concrete. No longer shackled by doubt, she forged ahead with determination, knowing that she was capable of overcoming any obstacle that stood in her way.

And so, the story of Lila serves as a testament to the transformative power of the right people and environment.

Through their love and encouragement, she was able to break free from the chains of doubt and embrace a future filled with endless possibilities.

Find the Light

Imaan Batul

Imaan Batul

1 min read

Find the Light

Find the Light- Inspired by Brida (Pailo Coelho)

To find that light in someone's eyes,

How many heartaches would it take and create?

For, I'm just a human with a heart willing to love,

I am no Magus and don't know witchcraft.

No matter how much I age,

I'd wonder how it's like to be a woman in love,

And not a woman loved by many.

Maybe I'm too reckless right now,

Maybe I am too naive,

I'm too disciplined to foster the Worship,

And too ignorant to be worshipped at all.

But the time would arrive someday,

I might resemble Brida unintentionally.

I'd too find my heart pounding against thick walls of my check,

For I'd too find the light.

Smiles for New Year

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Smiles for New Year

Once upon a New Year's Day, a young child named Alex was told a whimsical tale by their grandmother. In the small village where they lived, there was a belief that whatever emotions one experienced on New Year's Day would set the tone for the entire year.

With a heart full of wonder, Alex embraced this enchanting tradition. "No tears, sadness, worry, stress, or anger," the elders would chant. Instead, they whispered secrets of joy, laughter, and the magic of exploring countless places to ensure a year blooming with peace.

As the years twinkled by, Alex danced between the rhythmic chaos of the bustling city and the harmonious symphony of bird chirps in tranquil havens. Each experience became a stroke on the canvas of their growing wisdom.

In the vibrant city, Alex discovered the power to create their own sunrise, painting the day with hues of positivity and hope. The concrete jungle became a playground for laughter, and every street echoed with the melody of joy.

Venturing into serene escapes adorned with nature's palette, Alex learned that the magic wasn't just in the surroundings but in the kaleidoscope of perspectives. The young adult embraced the realization that the sunrise of a new day mirrored the canvas of their own choosing.

As the clock struck midnight, Alex stood on the threshold of a brand-new year, determined to craft a joyous beginning. Instead of succumbing to the hustle and bustle of the city or getting lost in the tranquil tunes of nature, they chose a harmonious blend.

On New Year's morning, Alex woke up with a smile that could rival the sunrise. The bustling city streets transformed into a playground of opportunities, and each encounter became a chance to spread laughter and kindness. Whether navigating the urban jungle or seeking solace in nature's embrace, Alex carried the secret to a happy start within.

They started the year by visiting familiar places and discovering new ones, sharing laughter with friends and embracing the soothing sounds of nature. From the city lights to the rustling leaves, every moment was a brushstroke on the canvas of their chosen adventure.

By choosing joy over sorrow, laughter over tears, and love over anger, Alex not only overcame the mythical curse but also became the architect of their own happiness. The New Year didn't just begin; it blossomed into a vibrant masterpiece, setting the tone for a year filled with health, happiness, and a symphony of countless joyous moments.

A Cautionary Dance

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

A Cautionary Dance

In the echoes of questions, a whisper in the air,

They ask of my fears, why I seem to be so rare.

"Why not elevate your level, climb higher, they say,

Why this hesitance, why not seize the day?"

I'm not the shy recluse, nor the timid one,

But in the depths of my soul, a battle is spun.

It's not the heights that scare, nor the depths below,

It's the judgments that rain, as my true self I show.

I fear not the climb, nor the falls that may come,

But the words that cut deep, like a relentless drum.

For I'm not afraid of toiling for my dreams,

Nor afraid of descending to life's silent streams.

It's the doubters, the naysayers, with skeptical eyes,

Casting shadows on efforts, under judgment's skies.

"You're not capable," they claim with disdain,

Their words like a storm, causing internal pain.

Yet, my steps are cautious, not fueled by fear,

A guardian within, whispering in my ear.

I protect a garden, a beauty deep inside,

With walls of caution, where emotions reside.

Doubtful Dawn

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Doubtful Dawn

In morning's light, motivation's embrace,

Chasing dreams fueled by yesterday's grace.

Success beckons on tomorrow's frontier,

But dusk brings doubt, a shifting veneer.

Lost in the labyrinth of my own way,

Hope falters, caught in introspection's sway.

Concerns for others, a heavy shroud,

Inferior whispers echoing loud.

Contemplating worth in this modern scene,

Insecurity, both physical and mental, keen.

A growth facade, a worn-out guise,

Doubts within, a daily compromise.

Yet as night descends, doubts uncoil,

A resilient spirit begins to toil.

Strength found in uncertainty's dive,

A journey inward, learning to thrive.

The modern world, a maze profound,

Authenticity ignites, a truth unbound.

Embrace the journey, let wisdom grow,

In uniqueness, brilliance starts to show.

So shed the facade, walk your own way,

Genuine strides pave a brighter array.

Beyond doubts and transient strife,

Discover life in your authentic life.

Forge ahead, silence self-doubt's tease,

In the mirror, find serene release.

Beauty resides in each intricate part,

Intelligence, a flame within your heart.

Puzzles of the Self

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Puzzles of the Self

In a world of confusion, I stand, Can't figure out if I'm good or banned.

Am I smart or just plain absurd? Feeling lost, it's a baffling word.

In the mess of my mind, I'm stuck, Smart or silly, I'm out of luck.

Are my actions right or wrong? Life's a puzzle, I don't belong.

Do I need someone to show the way? A mentor maybe, to brighten my day.

What on earth am I meant to do? Life's a puzzle, and I'm asking you.

Am I on the right path or going astray? In life's chaos, I've lost my way.

Need guidance, need a hand, Help me figure out where I stand.

Life dances, a cryptic jest, In its tangle, who's put to the test?

Good or bad, smart or not, This weird life, it's all I've got.

In the midst of doubts, I'll find my song, A journey strange, where I belong.

Though confused, I'll seek the light, Navigate through the darkest night.

With each step, a new chance to learn, In the twists of life, wisdom I'll earn.

No need to fret, no need to fear, The answers lie within, crystal clear.

So, in the mystery of this peculiar ride, I'll embrace the chaos, walk with pride.

For in the quirks of life, a beauty lies, A chance to grow, to be truly wise.

So, here's to the journey, bizarre but grand, In the riddles of life, I'll make my stand.

No matter the questions, the uncertainties too, I'll find my way, and so can you.

The Puppy That Changed Everwood

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

The Puppy That Changed Everwood

Once upon a time, in the quaint town of Everwood, there lived a young woman named Maya. Maya's life seemed ordinary, filled with routine and familiarity. Little did she know that a single decision would set off a chain of events that would change the course of her life and those around her.

One gloomy afternoon, as Maya strolled through the town square, she noticed a stray puppy near the fountain. Its eyes reflected a mixture of loneliness and hope. Without a second thought, Maya decided to take the puppy home. She named him Ripple, a symbol of the unexpected waves he would soon create in the lives of everyone he touched.

As Ripple wagged his tail into Maya's life, the once quiet routine of Everwood began to shift. Maya's neighbor, Mr. Thompson, who had been feeling isolated, found solace in the presence of Ripple. Soon, the once-quiet street echoed with laughter as neighbors gathered for impromptu dog playdates.

The local café, struggling to stay afloat, saw a surge in customers as people brought their furry friends to join the community. The café owner, Mrs. Rodriguez, was overjoyed as her once empty tables now buzzed with conversation and connection.

Maya's decision to adopt Ripple not only transformed her life but also had a ripple effect on the entire town. The local park became a hub of activity, with families and friends coming together for picnics and games. Even the town's grumpy old cat, Whiskers, found a newfound friend in Ripple, and their playful antics became a source of entertainment for everyone.

As the seasons changed, so did the dynamics of Everwood. The once-struggling businesses flourished, and the sense of community grew stronger. Maya, who had merely wanted a companion, found herself at the heart of this transformative journey.

"The Ripple Effect" became a metaphor for the small actions that can lead to significant changes. Maya's decision to adopt a stray puppy had not only brought joy and companionship into her life but had woven a tapestry of connections, turning a quiet town into a vibrant community.

And so, in the heart of Everwood, where the unexpected had become the norm, Maya and Ripple continued to spread ripples of joy, proving that even the smallest actions can create waves of positivity that touch the lives of many.

Humanity Amidst War

Priya Thapliyal

Priya Thapliyal

1 min read

Humanity Amidst War

Land of wars and land of strife

Struggling after every demise

Life prevails before the death.

It's all absurd for the one in distress.

Hungry stomach growls aloud

Masked through the cries of wounded hounds.

And the teeth are sharp and piercing claws.

Chained and restrained throughout.

Who is the victim, who caused this war?

Let’s not indulge in this ugly talk.

How will it end? Who will win?

When morality is lost, and wisdom is mislaid.

Are we humans? Can we still make such claims?

Be Smart -Find Your Place

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

 Be Smart -Find Your Place

In toil and sweat, I labor through the day,

Pouring heart and soul in work, come what may.

But results elude, like shadows in the night,

While others bask in the glow of their light.

In the daily grind, I give my all,

Work hard and strong, but sometimes I fall.

The fruits of labor seem distant and rare,

While others receive praise in the open air.

In the journey of work, I've come to know,

That diligence alone doesn't always make me glow.

It's not just about putting in hours and strife,

But knowing where and when to invest my life.

I've learned a lesson, a truth profound,

That recognition is not where hard work's found.

For toil must be guided, like a steady hand,

To flourish where it's valued, to make its stand.

But here's the lesson, simple and clear,

Hard work isn't just about sweat and tear.

It's also about choosing the right path,

To shine where efforts face no aftermath.

So I'll toil with wisdom, in the right place,

For in the right moments, I'll find my grace.

Efforts spent with purpose, yield the greatest gain,

In the symphony of life, I'll find my refrain.

The value of hard work, it's more than sheer might,

It's about choosing the battles where I'll take flight.

In those right moments, where efforts align,

Recognition and success will surely be mine.

So, I'll work smarter, not just harder, you see,

In the right places and moments, I'll be.

With purpose in my actions, I'll surely prevail,

In life's grand melody, my own unique tale.

So, I'll work with wisdom, and not just brute force,

To find my path where efforts take their course.

In the puzzle of life, I'll place the right piece,

And watch my hard work bring me lasting peace.

Decide Your Destiny

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Decide Your Destiny

In life's grand race, we each have our own pace,

A journey unique, no need for a race.

Stay in your lane, with unwavering grace,

For it's in your stride, your own special embrace.

Don't halt your steps, nor your dreams displace,

Or wait for others to guide your own chase.

Success isn't measured by the quickest race,

But by your persistence, your strength, your embrace.

Write in your style, set your own pace,

With every challenge, open a new phase.

In the end, my fellow writer, embrace

The tale you've crafted with your own grace.

When storms cloud the plot, and trials interlace,

Find strength in your words, let your heart keep its place.

Great stories are born in life's intricate embrace,

With struggles and triumphs, in every single space.

Embrace your uniqueness, let your dreams interlace,

With the path you've chosen, on this boundless page.

With patience and purpose, each line you retrace,

You'll find your way forward, leaving an indelible trace.

So, write your own story, in your own voice and case,

With each setback, you'll fill more space.

In the end, my dear writer, in this boundless chase,

You're the author of your destiny, scripting life's embrace.

Alone but not Lonely

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Alone but not Lonely

In solitude, she once believed she dwelled,
No deep friendships, no places where stories swelled.

Loneliness draped her like a heavy shroud,
In search of connections, she would be proud.

Yet, one day, a truth began to take hold,
A realization, a tale to be told.

She wasn't lonely, lost in the crowd's throng,
She was alone but far from being wrong.
Alone, she found comfort in her own grace,

No deeper resentment, no love to embrace.
It wasn't indifference or empty space,

But strength and resilience in life's complex race.
She carried her past battles with great might,
Responsibility and accountability, her guiding light.

No more remorse, no lingering regret,
In her solitude, a power she would never forget.

She stood tall, a fortress strong and true,
Embracing herself, she finally knew.

She found happiness in her own company,
In solitude's embrace, she was finally free.

Little Things, The joy they bring

UPG student- Sanchali Madrewar

UPG student- Sanchali Madrewar

1 min read

Little Things, The joy they bring

Life is a race where you constantly have to prove yourself at different stages to succeed in life and if you don't, then you have to start from zero. But wait, in this journey what makes your day beautiful? What's the last thing that you think before you sleep? Do you feel grateful for whatever you have in your life? Do you smile looking back at some incident? It might be a little thing but that's where the beauty lies.

''Take time to smell the roses, appreciating the little things can really make a big difference''. Every morning, when I wake up to a rising golden sun, fresh air and chirping of birds and beautiful colors in the sky, I am literally mesmerised. Are we able to pause and sink in the simplicity of nature and its wonders?

Right from Waking up to sound of your mother, the first sip of your chai is just sukoon, Fresh air, sound of rain, gardening, spending quality time with your family, sunsets with friends, appreciation at your college or workplace, painting in the corner of your room, surprise from a dear one, unexpected calls by unexpected people to reading a good book and a lot more is too refreshing for me. Such moments remind us that the world is still beautiful. In this 21st century's hustle and bustle, we forget to take a moment and appreciate such simple pleasures of life.

The Joy of little things has a lot of impact on our lives. It makes us feel more alive and at the same time makes us remember who we are. Even at the hardest times, these little joys will help you and bring happiness to your life. There's a very thin line between happiness and contentment. Therefore, be satisfied with whatever you have and that will surely help you achieve greater heights in life. Why do we live everyday as if we have the last 24 hours of our life? What would you all do in such a situation? Let's take this moment to embrace the little joys and beauty of our life.

This will truly make a big difference in your life.

Unveiling the Hidden Crown

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Unveiling the Hidden Crown

In shadows cast by doubt and fear,
A girl stands silent, shedding tears
She wonders if she's just a choice,
Not treasured with a loving voice.

In crowds, she feels so all alone,
A face forgotten, not well-known,
Her heart, a fragile, wounded thing,
She wonders what tomorrow brings.

But in her depths, a strength resides,
A spark of hope that never hides
For though she feels she's just a parts
She's the masterpiece of her own heart.

Though others may not see her worth,
She's precious like the rarest birth,
Her presence, like a hidden gem,
Shines brighter than the rest of them.

For in her soul, a fire burns,
With lessons learned, she'll take her turns,
To find the love that's truly real,
And in her heart, she'll learn to heal.

She'll rise above the doubts that bind,
Discover the love she'll surely find,
For she's not just an option here,
She's the one who conquers fear.

In time, she'll see her light shine through,
And know her worth, as she is due,
No longer feeling just a pawn,
She'll rise, a queen, with strength and dawn

The Joy of the small things

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

2 min read

The Joy of the small things

In the heart of a bustling city, there lived a young woman named Sarah. Her days were a relentless parade of challenges and responsibilities. She woke up early to rush to work, juggled deadlines and demanding clients, and often found herself stuck in traffic for hours. Life seemed like an endless marathon with no finish line in sight.

Sarah's coworkers marveled at her unyielding dedication and her ability to stay cheerful despite the daily grind. Little did they know that beneath her resilient exterior, Sarah carried a heavy load of stress and self-doubt.

One evening, as Sarah was walking home from work, she noticed a small park she had never paid much attention to before. The park was adorned with colorful flowers, and the sound of chirping birds filled the air. It was a stark contrast to her usual hustle and bustle. Sarah decided to step inside and take a moment to breathe.

As she sat on a bench, surrounded by the tranquility of nature, Sarah reflected on her life. She realized that she had been chasing external validation and success, believing that they would bring her happiness. But the more she thought about it, the more she understood that true happiness couldn't solely depend on external circumstances.

Over the next few weeks, Sarah made a conscious effort to prioritize her well-being. She started each day with meditation, taking a few moments to connect with her inner self. During lunch breaks, she would take short walks in the nearby park, savoring the simple joy of fresh air and sunshine. In the evenings, she made time to pursue her passion for painting, even if it was just for a short while.

Slowly but steadily, Sarah's perspective on life shifted. She realized that happiness was not just about conquering the world; it was about nurturing her own soul. It was about finding joy in the small moments—the laughter of friends, the taste of a delicious meal, the warmth of a cozy blanket on a chilly evening.

As Sarah embraced this newfound understanding, she noticed a remarkable change in herself. She became more resilient, more patient, and more appreciative of the present moment. Her work didn't feel like an endless struggle anymore; it became a journey filled with lessons and opportunities for growth.

The city that once seemed overwhelming now felt like a place filled with hidden pockets of beauty and peace. Sarah's journey to self-happiness continued, not without its challenges, but she faced them with a newfound inner strength and an unwavering smile. She learned that amidst the struggles of each day, she could cultivate her own happiness, one moment at a time.

Self’s Harmony

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Self’s Harmony

Self's Harmony

In shadows of perception, I once dwelled,

In tales of others, my thoughts would swell.

I imagined them in shades of black and white,

But truth unveiled a different light.

As I spent time with each soul's grace,

I found they weren't in just one place.

Not good, nor bad, as I had conceived,

My judgments often too deceived.

Yet in this learning, wisdom flowed,

A truth about life's winding road.

For happiness, I came to see,

Is being at peace with the heart in me.

Consistency and goals in sight,

Became my compass through the night.

In this journey of self-discovery,

I found the key to true recovery.

So let me embrace each soul's mystery,

Release the judgments, set them free.

For life's true joy, I now confess,

Lies in my own self, and nothing less.

Life’s Undo Button

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Life’s Undo Button

In life's grand tapestry, I wish to find,

A Ctrl+Z option, a gift so kind.

To undo missteps and regrets that sting,

And rewrite tales with a hopeful swing.

Oh, the moments I'd erase with glee,

Those hasty choices that burden me.

To take back words that caused pain's embrace,

And replace them with kindness and grace.

But let's not forget the path unexplored,

The dreams untamed, the goals ignored.

Ctrl+Z would grant a chance anew,

To chase ambitions and skies so blue.

Yet, life's canvas is not like a screen,

No shortcuts or buttons intervene.

Mistakes and triumphs paint our days,

In unique hues in countless ways.

So let us learn and onward tread,

Embrace each choice, both light and dread.

For in the journey, we find our art,

A masterpiece stitched from every part.

The Monarchs

Priya Thapliyal

Priya Thapliyal

1 min read

The Monarchs


She stood with her guard up.

She didn’t look down as the king looked directly into her eyes. Her life was in his hands, in his palms. She was insignificant, unimportant at that moment. She had no power in front of the king, and she knew that. She knew she was going to die, but it didn’t let fear overtake her impulse. She upheld herself. Her integrity, her dignity, and her stand did not allow her to be scared at that moment or any moment.

The king’s glare was tormenting, gravely dangerous, and looked like those big eyes were piercing inside the very soul, but she didn’t reflect it by her emotions on her facial expression. She didn’t even wince. Both the monarchs of their own time, one with no voice by the nature, and other with no voice but by choice, were having a profound conversation. It may be about the ascendancy between them, or they might be threatening one another. Clearly, the queen had no stance in threatening him, but as she stood in front of him, she was no less than the monarch herself. She was equal in self-esteem if not by power.

But the power was important!

Power was the playing card in between them. Power mattered, and the only thing that mattered at that point was power. Other things were as insignificant as her regard in front of the king. Yet, there were some cryptic words exchanged, and nothing could be known about that. Everyone else was only assuming the situation, and the known ones were keeping still. The known were the only ones who knew the extremity of the situation, and it was at cosmic level.

Anything was possible, anything had been possible till now. Still, this moment was extraordinary. It had the significance of proving the true supremacy in the times gone by and determination to change the prospect at the forefront

Stories Around Us

Priya Thapliyal

Priya Thapliyal

1 min read

Stories Around Us

Stories Around Us

I heard a story and I wish to tell it.

We all have stories and tales around us.

When we look outside the window, when we walk on streets, when we confide in a friend, when we go for an adventure,

when we meet someone, when we lose someone,

when we find our goals, when he built a dream,

when that dream shatters, when we fall with our deeds,

when we hurt our knees, when we deny holding ourselves,

when we take wrong steps, when we lose all hope,

when we stand on precipice

and then the story changes for better or worse

but we all have such stories, I wish to tell more…

Inner Quest

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Inner Quest

In a labyrinth of uncertainty, I wander,

Lost in a world where dreams and paths meander.

A journey without direction, a ship without sail,

Guided by parents' wishes, I continue to trail.

Silent tears fall within, a storm I conceal,

For voicing my truth might break the unreal seal.

Hoping each sunrise brings a step to the light,

A chance to break free, to set my soul alight.

Fixed on a position, a facade I maintain,

A show for those who doubted, to quell their disdain.

Yet doubts linger in shadows, uncertainty breeds,

Can I rise to the challenge or falter with needs?

Fantasy's embrace, a solace so sweet,

But reality's grasp, a world incomplete.

Two worlds collide, within me they fight,

Yearning for courage to stand up for what's right.

In this inner battle, I search for a key,

To unlock my desires, to let my heart free.

For within my own truth lies a path yet untrod,

A journey to self, guided by my own nod.

The Strength Within

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

The Strength Within

In the spotlight's glow, she stands so tall,

A picture of strength, an unbreakable wall.

Yet deep within, a storm does brew,

A tale of struggle, known by few.

A world of knowledge, she yearned to know,

But tangled webs of learning slowed her flow.

Missteps and stumbles, she couldn't escape,

Her heart's whispered doubts, an endless tape.

Behind the mask of a joyful face,

Lies a tangled heart, a secret space.

Regrets like shadows, cast by the moon,

A symphony of hope and fears in tune.

Invisible battles, she fought each day,

While the world believed she danced and played.

A facade so strong, none could perceive,

The caverns of doubt she couldn't leave.

To others, a mountain, unshakable, grand,

Yet in her eyes, she's built on sand.

A rock awaiting a knowing hand,

To reveal her fears, to understand.

Her worth she questions, her heart aches deep,

Yet in her struggle, a glimmer does keep.

Hope persists, a candle's soft light,

Guiding her through the darkest night.

For within her is strength, unknown to her gaze,

A heart that persists, despite the maze.

Invisible battles she bravely fights,

Seeking to break her inner nights.

So let her know, she's not alone,

Her struggles, her triumphs, they're all her own.

A mountain, a rock, a star in the sky,

Her journey's a tale that will never die.

The Power of Hope in the Face of Adversity

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

The Power of Hope in the Face of Adversity

In the depths of a weary mind, she resides, A middle-class girl with dreams she hides. Afraid to embrace joy, she ponders her fate, Will happiness lead to more sorrow's weight?

In the twilight hours, her thoughts unravel, Wrapped in fears that her pleasures may gravel. She believes her laughter brings her family pain, A burden, a parasite, her heart's constant refrain.

Though grown-up in years, she feels small and weak, Unable to ease her parents' burdens, so bleak. When can she say, "Rely on me, dear mom"? When can her mother's worries be truly gone?

Anxieties weave through her every thought, A tapestry of concerns, tangled and fraught. Does she fear losing her mother's tender embrace, Or dread wandering lonely in this vast, cold space?

But listen, dear one, and hear this refrain, In your heart's quiet chambers, let hope remain. For you are not a burden, nor a parasite true, Your love and presence bring joy anew.

Your mother, she knows the depth of your care, Even when worries burden and seem too much to bear. Together you face life's challenges, hand in hand, In unity, strength blooms, like a desert turned sand.

And in this vast universe, fear not, my dear, For you're surrounded by souls, both far and near. They may not replace the love of your kin, But they'll hold you close, and let your light in.

So shed those doubts, let them drift away, Embrace the joys that brighten your day. For happiness is not a harbinger of strife, But a balm for the soul, a beacon of life.

And when the day comes, when you'll proudly say, "Rely on me, dear mom," and mean it, they'll say, You've grown into a person of strength and grace, And your mother's heart will find solace and embrace.

In this journey of life, both sorrows and joys, Remember, dear girl, you're more than just noise. For the universe, vast as it may be, Will care for your heart, as it cares for the sea.

Hope in the Darkness

Priya Thapliyal

Priya Thapliyal

2 min read

Hope in the Darkness

“Where are you going?” my son asked. I turned to see my boy with his giraffe toy in his hand. I smiled at him as she stared at me. I put him into the bed and tucked him safe.

“I am going to bed, darling. You should sleep too” I said.

“Don’t leave” my son said. “I am scared”.

“I am just a door away. Don’t worry. You can call me anytime” I told him.

“Can’t I sleep with you?” my son asked.

“That’s not possible. You know your father doesn’t like it” I told him.

“Pa don’t love me na, ma,” my son said with a sulking face.

“That is not true. Don’t think like that. He loves you very much” I said to reassure him.

“He never looks at me or plays with me. He never talks to me. Never come to say good night” he said.

“Hey, that is my job. Only I get to put my son to sleep and kiss him good night” I said cheerfully.

“We never go out, play with other children. I miss school” Aamod said.

“Alright, I will ask Father” I promised.

“Promise,” Aamod said cheerfully.

“Promise,” I said.

I watched my son close his eyes and I too left him in the darkness of night. I entered my room where my husband was getting ready for the night to sleep in.

“Where were you?” the husband asked while lying on his bed.

“I went to put Aamod in bed,” I told Vivaan.

“It has been a long day. I am tired. Don’t start Vibha” Vivaan complained.

“I just told you. I didn’t ask for anything” Vibha said.

“Your face is telling me you are going to ask for something ridiculous,” Vivaan said.

“It is just Aamod is scared. He wishes to sleep with us tonight” Vibha requested Vivaan.

“See. I said ridiculous and you said it” Vivaan brooded.

“How is that ridiculous? He wants to go out tomorrow, and meet some people” Vibha asked.

“That is not possible” Vivaan shouted.

“Why?” Vibha asked.

“You know very well why,” Vivaan said angrily.

I didn’t say anything else. Vivaan closed the lights and went to sleep. I could not. I kept thinking about Aamod. How will I tell him we can’t go tomorrow? I scrolled down my phone and saw a disturbing message. It was from my sister, Siddhi. She was on her way to visit me. I don’t want to meet her. I hate her. Why was she coming this late? I kept scrolling through ‘my phone for straight two hours and fell asleep. I jumped in surprise when I heard loud noises and sirens from outside. Vivaan was still asleep. I went out to check when some people broke the lock and barged in.

“Who are you people?” I asked as they dragged me outside.

“There is a fire, ma’am. You need to go out” the man said. “Is there anyone else inside?” the man asked.

“Yes, my husband and son,” I said. Tears filled my eyes. I went outside as I saw what havoc was caused outside. Many houses were burning. Our house had just started to catch fire.

I felt like crying. Where was my son? Where was my husband? All I could think of was them.

As I saw people coming out of my house, I panicked. “Where is my son? Where is my husband?” I asked. I saw people bringing two lifeless bodies. My son! My husband! I realized I had lost my family forever.

“No” I screamed. “No no no no no”

Someone grabbed my shoulder and embraced me as I cried looking at my family. “No, it is not possible” I cried.

“They are gone, Vibha” Siddhi said.

I woke up from my dream, my phone in my hand. I heard a knock at the front. It was Siddhi. It must be. I looked for Vivaan on the other side of the bed, but it was empty. I went to look for Aamod, but Siddhi kept knocking on the door.

Aamod too was not there.

It always happens like that. Whenever she comes, they disappear. Why does she come? Why?

The Dance of Life-the balance of nature

Dr. Neelam Patil

Dr. Neelam Patil

1 min read

The Dance of Life-the balance of nature

Onset of Natural Disasters with Human Encroachment
Amidst the realm where nature once held sway,
Human encroachment paved its way.
A tale unfolds of discord and strife,
As natural disasters alter life.

Mountains stood tall with majestic pride,
Their peaks kissed the heavens, side by side.
But human hands, with greed in their sight,
Carved deep scars upon these lofty heights.

Rivers, once free, meandering with grace,
Now constrained by concrete's embrace.
Their gentle flow, a force turned astray,
Floods unleashed when rainstorms hold sway.

Forests lush, a vibrant symphony,
Now silenced by axes and industry.
The harmony disrupted, the balance lost,
Leaving behind a desolate cost.

The oceans, once teeming with life's parade,
Now bear the weight of pollution's crusade.
Plastic islands float upon their waves,
A testament to how greed enslaves.

With each encroachment, nature's wrath awakes,
Unleashing storms, quakes, and fiery lakes.
Tornadoes whirl, hurricanes strike,
Earthquakes rumble, volcanoes ignite.

Through these disasters, nature cries aloud,
When Nature shows its wrath for wrong doings of mankind

A warning sign amidst the shroud.
For in our quest for progress and gain,
We've sown destruction, reaping pain.

But there's still hope within this tale,
To mend the bond and help it prevail.
With mindful steps, we can restore,
What once was vibrant, forevermore.

Let's forge a path of harmony anew,
Respecting nature in all that we do.
For in this dance, we are but a part,
A humble thread in nature's tapestry of art.

So let's embrace the Earth with loving care,
Preserve its wonders, be aware.
For only then can we find solace and peace,
With nature's blessings, may our love increase.

Nature's Healing Veil

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Nature's Healing Veil

In nature's arms, serenity resides,

Where calmness weaves and elegance hides.

A symphony of peace, a tranquil embrace,

Where weary hearts find solace and grace.

Amidst the verdant fields and whispering trees,

Nature unfolds its beauty with gentle ease.

The sunbeams dance upon a rippling stream,

While wildflowers sway, as if in a dream.

The mountains soar, majestic and grand,

Their peaks touching the heavens, vast and expanded.

Their silent presence, a reminder profound,

That in nature's embrace, all worries can be drowned.

When storms brew, and tempests prevail,

Nature's gentle touch has a soothing tale.

Raindrops descend like healing tears,

Washing away sorrow, alleviating fears.

The melody of birds, a chorus so sweet,

Their songs of hope, a promise to meet.

Each chirp and trill, a balm for the soul,

Healing wounds deep, making us whole.

Through changing seasons, nature reveals,

The cycle of life, its secrets it conceals.

Blossoms bloom, a vibrant array,

And in their colors, sorrow finds its way.

The gentle breeze whispers ancient lore,

Reminding us of truths we often ignore.

That amidst chaos and strife, nature stands tall,

A resilient force, healing one and all.

So, let us immerse in nature's embrace,

Allow its enchantment, our spirits to trace.

For in its presence, we find solace and peace,

A sanctuary where all worries cease.

Nature's symphony, a remedy divine,

Where troubles fade, and hearts intertwine.

In its calm and elegance, our souls find a home,

For nature's healing touch, we'll forever roam.

Seeds of Hope

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

Seeds of Hope

In the depths of a twisted mind,

A girl in turmoil, lost, confined.

She wanders through the dark abyss,

Seeking solace, a better life to Embrace.

Am I worthy? Can I survive?

Questions swirl, doubts arrive.

In the corners of her fragile soul,

Seeds of hope start to take control.

A flickering flame within her heart,

Ignites the dreams she can't depart.

She yearns for a future yet unknown,

A place where her true self is shown.

Will she find the strength to rise,

Embrace the sunlit, cloudless skies?

With trembling hands, she takes a stand,

Guided by a destiny she can't disband.

In the echoes of her silent screams,

Resides the power to shatter dreams.

Yet, through the chaos and despair,

She finds the love that's always there.

Her family's whispers echo loud,

Support and faith, a steadfast crowd.

Their love like armor, shields her soul,

As she embarks on a journey whole.

I can be more, I will endure,

A beacon of light, strong and pure.

With every step, doubts fade away,

As she carves her path, come what may.

In this bizarre dance of fate,

She learns to trust, to navigate.

Through internal storms, she sails,

Her spirit soars, like swifts on gales.

And as she dances with the night,

Her silhouette is a gleaming light.

She finds her purpose, bold and clear,

With unwavering faith, she perseveres.

For in the chasms of her mind,

A girl in turmoil, she shall find,

The strength to conquer every trial,

And paint her world with wild colors.


Priya Thapliyal

Priya Thapliyal

1 min read


I wonder to the moon, in a hope to wake soon,

with my dreamy eyes, and my timid smile

To look at stars to reach beyond my limited with

So that I can fit.

Inside the pit, the land I live,

I seek the dark to avoid the path,

Which all declares as healthy affairs.

But I feel lost among the horde.

Estrange and distanced,

I want to scream and cry out deep,

But I keep shut…


जरूरी नहीं हर रात का अंत उजाला हो,

जरूरी नहीं हर लहर की मंजिल किनारा हो,

जरूरी नहीं आराम हर किसी को गवारा हो।

जरूरी नहीं हर किसी को मक्कम्मल जहां सारा हो।

तो जरूर क्या है?

What is important?

Important is everything, yet nothing.

Important is having peace with yourself,

With your decisions, and with ways to live up to them.

Important is to listen and understand,

But do not bend due to the circumstance.

Important can be to put yourself on hold,

But not important to leave your dreams and later cry for them all.

It is not important to follow another’s path, which might be glorious, luxurious, and smart.

It is not important to become a man living in ease, a plastering smile on your face, and then pretending to be okay because,

हर बिहस का मतलब लडाई नहीं,

हर खामोशी में छुपी गवाही नहीं,

हर किसी की जरुरत कमाई नहीं,

क्योंकि खर्चे तो बढ़ जाते हैं कमाई के बाद,

पर ख्वाहिशें अधूरी रहती हैं निरवता के साथ।

जरूरी नहीं मुझे मिलता सहारा हर बार हो,

ज़रूरी नहीं मेहनत के बाद मेरा नाम बेशुमार हो,

जरूरी है कि मैंने कोशिश की,

उस अनजान डगर पर चलने की,

उस बेखबर मंजिल तक पहुंचने की,

बिना जाने मंजिल में कितने पड़ाव थे,

बेखबर सिर्फ मेरे सपने ही मेरे साथ थे।

चाहती तो चुन सकती थी मैं राह हर मुशाफिर की तरह,

छाव में रहती अपनों के साथ अपने हर साथी की तरह।

पर हमेशा फैसले में सबकी सुनना जरूरी नहीं,

दूसरो के हाथ जिदगी दोर रखना जरूरी नहीं,

क्योंकि जरूरी नहीं हर संकट में मेरे अपने मेरे साथ हो।

जरूरी नहीं हर बार गिरते समय मुझे पकड़े कोई हाथ हो।

इन शंकाओ से निकलर ही शायद मेरी मंजिल मेरे साथ हो।

इसीलिये कहती हूँ,

जरूरी नहीं जिंदगी जरुरतों में छुपी हर बार हो,

जरूरी नहीं हर किसी की जरूरत जिंदगी से पार हो,

ज़रूरी है ज़रूरतों को ज़रूरतों से तौल कर रखना,

जरूरी है जिंदगी को जरुरतों से दूर रखना,

जरूरी है जिंदगी अपने आप में,

पर ज़रूरी नहीं सबकी ज़रूरत हो एक साथ में।

My Tacit Clandestin

Priya Thapliyal

Priya Thapliyal

2 min read

My Tacit Clandestin

I made a mistake, and I don’t regret it.

There is no guilt, and I can’t explain it.

I have no shame for the trouble I caused.

I feel nothing of my endeavor and loss.

I have no pity, no remorse for my actions.

And all this makes me more human, I believe.

Or is it a façade I wear to conceal?

What are my true emotions?

I can’t feel them now.

What was certain for me,

is a distant memory somehow.

Have I become an entity in the crowd,

Lost, not ready to be found.

Or maybe I am what people say to me.

But these interpretations wear and worry me.

I am wearing decaying clay and clothing I don’t like.

Suffocation may become my ultimate demise.

And still, I smile wearing discomfort and distress.

Maybe that’s why I have no regrets.

I have been pretending for so very long.

And now, pretense is the only way I know.

Is it sad, bad, offensive, and wrong?

But I learned it from you, your actions, and your woes.

So where did I go wrong?

Or is it the façade you all are wearing?

Embracing it under the complex literary titles

The honor you talk about is fake and bogus.

And you feel no shame, no regret, no remorse.

In your teachings, stories, and tall tales, you often spoke.

Or maybe it is how it is done.

Regrets and shame are cruel but fake.

There is no such emotion to justify.

It is easy to switch off such feelings and fire.

The sensation, the spirit I was born with my clay,

is dying with time and wrinkling on its way.

It is easy to forget than forgive.

It is easy to decline than to give.

It is easy to surrender than fight.

It is easy to block than remind.

It is easy to ignore than justify your guilt.

It makes you more human, so don’t worry, my friend.

I am the same sinner with façade and pretense.

So deep and so poor no one recognizes it.

I embrace my lies and sham to everyone around me.

And they know it, believe me.

They all are trickery and clowns.

They all must make more and fewer mistakes.

None of them are more gods sent and saints.

Each of them has its landings to reach.

The final destination is waiting for all.

When the deceptions will over, treacheries will end.

We all will meet behind that pretense.

And I hope for the lies and ruses to close.

Or maybe not; I like the way I am now.

Or do I; I wonder for a moment.

And at that moment, I have emotions I do not like.

So, I wear them off with my fake smile.

I change into disquiet and uneasy attire.

My skills are getting better, I believe.

Now I am again lost in the heavy crowd.

Not willing to ever be found.

College Life

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

College Life

In the rhythmic realm of college life,

A student treads a path of strife,

Juggling lectures, assignments, and exams,

In search of knowledge and higher programs.

Days are long, and nights are short,

But still, the student soldiers on,

Driven by dreams of future success,

And a desire to make the most of every step.

Amidst the chaos of the college fray,

Friendships blossom, and memories are made,

Laughter and joy light up the days,

As students grow in myriad ways.

But challenges lurk around every bend,

And doubts and fears can take hold,

Yet the student pushes through the pain,

With a steadfast heart and an iron resolve.

For in the end, the journey is worth the toil,

And the knowledge gained is a priceless spoil,

A passport to a world of endless possibility,

And a future full of hope and opportunity

The Language of Silence: Unveiling Whispers Within

NI Swathi

NI Swathi

1 min read

The Language of Silence: Unveiling Whispers Within

In the realm of silence, a tranquil domain,

Where words surrender, and quiet does reign,

A power unseen, an advantage concealed,

When silence befriends, the truth is revealed.

Yet, silence wields two contrasting forms,

A double-edged sword, through life it transforms,

For in its embrace, wisdom may abide,

Or misunderstandings, like shadows, may hide.

At times, to stay silent is a wise decree,

To listen, observe, and let answers be,

In stillness, we learn, we gather insight,

Resolving complexities, conflicts take flight.

But be cautious, dear soul, of silence amiss,

For in the minds of others, doubts may persist,

Perceived as ignorance, an aloof retreat,

When clarity falters, relationships deplete.

Thus, let us comprehend the intricate art,

Of silence's dance, its delicate part,

Speak when needed, when harmony requires,

Silence as ally, when harmony expires.

For at the end, as life's journey unwinds,

Silence's worth, with a love that defines,

A soul mate, a companion, cherished and true,

Whose presence in silence whispers, "I'm with you."

In moments profound, when words cease to flow,

A touch, a glance, emotions will bestow,

For silence, then, is a language divine,

Binding hearts together, forever entwined.

So grasp the situation, both near and afar,

Embrace the power of silence, like a guiding star,

With discernment and care, let understanding bloom,

And in the silence we find, love's eternal room

The Banyan Tree

Dr. Neelam Patil

Dr. Neelam Patil

1 min read

The Banyan Tree

Outside the village stood a giant banyan tree
Remembering the endless memories of its old age.

People have forgotten the coolness it offered.
Now they want to cut its branches and seize the land.

Yet the old banyan tree still holds
Stories of farmers, travelers, shepherds, and every household.

Farmers, scorched by the sun and tired from work,
Travelers and shepherds all rest in its cool shade.
And discuss the village, town, and world.

Farmers talk of the past, present, and future.
Even though they're illiterate, they're proficient in farming and social math.

People come to the banyan tree to contemplate
Their sorrows and pains lessen, and the pain in their souls soothes.

It's home to countless birds,
Their melodious voices bring a new dawn to life every moment.

In the eyes of the people, it's a haunted tree.
At night, it's home to ghosts and spirits.
Grandparents still tell stories of ghosts and spirits.

As evening falls, the road becomes deserted.
A ghost once beat someone to death.

When animals and children died suddenly, their bodies were buried on the same land.
The banyan tree keeps the environment clean by tolerating all these evils.

The banyan tree, which has always provided shade to everyone with selfless love and given life,
Is today indifferent about its own life.

We have cheated and deceived,
We have been unaware of nature.
Today, the trees and forests around us are being cut down,
Making room for buildings and government offices.
Only poison is being mixed in the environment.
Which is causing people to die!
Species of animals and plants created by the wonder of nature are becoming extinct.

The relationship between people and water, forests, and land is breaking down.
Those who were fighting for the right have lost their battle in the game of conspiracy!

If there are trees, there is hope.
There is the beauty of nature.
There is a healthy life.
There is a realistic life.

Off-the-Beaten Path - Hidden Gems

Dr. Neelam Patil

Dr. Neelam Patil

1 min read

Off-the-Beaten Path - Hidden Gems

In India's sacred lands, where divinity resides,
Lie hidden gems, where spirituality hides.
Beyond the bustling temples that all know,
Lies a realm of less explored places to bestow

In the mystic realms of the Himalayan heights,
Lies the land of Hamis, a spiritual delight.
Monks in maroon robes chant ancient hymns,
As the mountains echo with spiritual whims.

Venture to Majuli, the island divine,
Where the mighty Brahmaputra intertwines.
In the heart of Assam, a spiritual retreat,
The Vaishnavite culture finds solace sweet.

Kasol, nestled in the Himalayan embrace,
A haven for seekers, a tranquil space.
Amidst lush green valleys and sacred streams,
Sits a realm where spirituality gleams.

In the mystical realm of Rishikesh's embrace,
The Ganges flows with celestial grace.
Yogis and seekers gather by the sacred river,
Finding solace and enlightenment to deliver.

To the west, the white desert of Kutch,
A surreal expanse where the soul finds touch.
Dwarka, the ancient city of Lord Krishna's lore,
A spiritual haven forevermore.

Ujjain, where the Kumbh Mela does abound,
A gathering of souls, where spirituality is found.
In Mahakaleshwar's temple, devotion rings,
As pilgrims seek blessings that the divine brings.

In the tranquil lands of Sikkim's abode,
Rumtek Monastery, a spiritual ode.
Where prayer flags flutter and chants arise,
A sanctuary for seeking spiritual ties.

In the heart of Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari stands,
Where oceans meet and spirituality expands.
With Vivekananda Rock as a beacon of light,
The soul finds solace in the land's might.

These less explored places, spiritual and grand,
Hold treasures untold, waiting to be fanned.
In India's vast embrace, divine realms unfold,
Seekers find solace, their spirits forever bold.

So venture forth, seekers of the soul's embrace,
To these less explored realms, filled with grace.
In the spiritual tapestry of India's land,
Find enlightenment, hand in han

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